Time for You: Post-Pregnancy Abdominal & Posture Conditioning

Kathy Stevens
Year Released: 1998

Categories: Abs/Core , Pregnancy/Postpartum

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Part of the Baby & You series, this twenty minute video provides a convenient core strengthening workout when your core strength could probably use all the help it can get.

The exercises in this video are quite similar to those in the complete Baby & You workout, except this workout is all yours--no babies involved in this one.

The setting for this video is a sunny garden, with rocks and a waterfall. It's very pretty, though at times it's so sunny that Kathy's face is in shadow. That doesn't pose any problem for completing the workout. The music is very soft and relaxing.

One of the participants, Maya, does more challenging variations of the exercises. I couldn't help but admire how toned her abs look only four months after giving birth to her second child!

The abdominal exercises include some on the hands and knees, which can also be done from the elbows, traditional crunches, reverse crunches, and double crunches. There are also stabilizing exercises where you hold the abs and trunk contracted and stationary while moving the legs. This part reminded me very much of Keli Roberts' Abs & More video, and I think this type of core strengthening work would be very important after childbirth.

The back and postural exercises also bear a distinct ressemblance to Keli Roberts' back exercises in Abs & More--chest raises with stomach on the floor, raising one arm and the opposite leg, etc.

This would be a good video for new moms who either want to concentrate on their abs and those who don't have time for the longer Baby & You video.