Fat Blasting Bootcamp

Cindy Whitmarsh
Year Released: 2007

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance , Total Body Workouts

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This dvd has five 10 minutes segments, plus a bonus 5 minute "ab ripper" workout. You can choose individual workouts or play all. But you cant mix & match from the start menu.

She does 2 mini routines in each 10 minute segment and then you take it from the top and do both routines together. They all flow well w/in each 10 min segment.

There are no weights used in this dvd. For that reason its not an advanced workout. I would say it is intermediate. I do think it would be great for travel as it has strength & cardio work, short segments, and no equipment is needed.

Cindy is working out with 2 background exercisers. One shows some beginner modifications. They are all dressed in pink/salmon tops and black bottoms. The set is a gym type set-up, with hardwood floors, a white background w/ the Natural Journey logo painted on it. There are some yoga blocks, stability balls, and water bottles on shelves in the background. Its a nice neutral set.

Active Warmup: Starts with marching in place going into sidesteps w/ various arm movements-sky reaches, elbow strikes, & chest presses. You do some side squats, fast feet, blowouts (burpees), knee-back kick moving into walk forward knee up-walk back-kick back, squat pulses, squat jumps. This is repeated for 7 minutes. Then she does some stretching for 2 minutes and then you repeat the cardio moves for the last minute. This segment (minus the 2 minute stretch) could easily be used as an additional cardio section as it is just about as intense as the cardio portion.

Cardio: She starts with fast feet, jab, double jabs, knee ups, & slow blowouts. She repeats the sequence a few times then starts the next set of moves: mock jumproping, slolum jumps, & fast side jumps. Then she takes it from the top and you do the entire routine a few times until you hit the 10 minute mark.

Upper Body: You start on your knees & reach up w/ one arm then down touching the ground-I really only felt my core working here. Then you walk your hands out into a knee pushup then walk back to do the reach up move. You repeat a few times then she adds on tricep pushups (while lying on your side) back to your knees-slowly lower your upper body and do a superman type move for your back. You do those a few times. Then she takes it from the top and do the entire routine until you hit the 10 minute mark.

Lower Body: high knees, squat-knee ups, curtsey dips w/ pulses, dips going into plyo lunges then scissors (flunges). This is divided into 2 segments that she repeats and then adds on and takes it from the top.

Abs/ Stretch: lying supine leg extensions, alternating single leg extenstions, crunch variations, and then goes into a stretch.

I didnt do the 5 minute bonus ab ripper.

Though there is some TIFTing, the segments are only 10 minutes and you do 2 mini routines so I dont think the TIFTing would really bother anyone as it breaks the 10 minutes down and the time really does go by quickly.

Instructor Comments:
Cindy is pleasant and cheerful and a wonderful cuer. I enjoy her demeanor in all her workouts. Cindy demonstrates some of the moves 1st and then the backgrounders and us join in.