Tae Bo Abs & Glutes

Billy Blanks
Year Released: 2002

Categories: Abs/Core , Boxing/Kickboxing/Martial Arts , Lower Body Strength

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First of all, I want to say that Collage catalog says that these Tae Bo Ultimate series are segments taken from the Tae Bo live Volumes 2-12. Not entirely true. There are some clips but most of these segmants are taken from Tae Bo Get Ripped Advanced and Tae Bo Total Advanced segmants. And some other Tae Bo advanced TV that I haven't seen before.
Tae Bo Ultimate starts off with a good warmup and then you move into some serious Tae Bo ab work. Standing twists, kicks, knee ups and alot of different Tae Bo moves using the torso. There is also alot of fast pace Tae Bo moves so you really get your heartrate up. There is 30 minutes of standing Tae Bo moves and then you go down to the floor for 15 minutes of more tough very fast pace ab work. If you like doing fast fast fast ab work, then you will love it. Tae Bo Ultimate Glutes was a different story. I didn't sweat as much in this workout. The editing wasn't done very well and there are alot of places where its uneven. Like you will pulse the right glute and then only hold the left glute in a iso hold for a few seconds. The transition from standing to floor wasn't very good either. The floorwork is very fast pace and high reps. There was just so much of it that it wasn't fun anymore. I liked the Ultimate Abs the best of the 2 on this DVD.

Instructor Comments:
As usual, you get Billy Blanks incredible enthusiasm cheerleader type instructing. The music is all instrumental. Shelly and this other guy do most of the counting. Prepare to see alot of sweat!



This video is good when you are short on time but want to work on butt and abs. there is some hip work but isn't enough to consider it leg work. the workout based on very fast movement and a lot of reps that supposed to make your muscles thighter and there for loosing and inch or two. I did'nt check if this really work on rotation because I wanted to write a review now (there is no other reviews) and I got this tape not so long ago with an order of 14 tapes so I only did this tape twice. the abs is mostly traditional - no planks for example , but it has some challanging moves.

All I can say is you really need to watch yourself not to cheat because this workout goes so fast.
listen to Billy's form pointers , look and follow Shelli's form and performance and you will get a very good workout.

Instructor Comments:
nice and motivating.