Energy Extreme

Pepper Von

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance

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This is the second Pepper Von video I've tried, and this high/low workout is better than his step workout, but not by a whole lot. There's nothing wrong with him or his choreography, but the intensity needs major improvement. You would think that a video called Energy Extreme, especially one geared toward instructors, would show some energy. Not. There is *way* too much marching or step-touching while he's talking about upcoming moves. At 15 minutes into the workout, I still haven't broken a sweat. It does get better toward the end, after you've learned all the moves, but that's only for about 10 minutes. I consider it a waste of time and another $20 down the tube.

Instructor Comments:
Pepper is fun, but he just doesn't give very good video workouts. He needs to increase the intensity A LOT.

Annie S.