Deante Dance

Karen Gayle
Year Released: 2007

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance

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There are actually seberal workouts in the Deante Dance series. This review is for the most advanced, Percussive Jam. I thought all the talk of how advanced it was and how I might have to pause the DVD to learn the choreo was annoying, because the choreo is actually pretty easy. I'd rate this workout as intermediate. I'm intermediate and I broke a sweat, but I didn't think it was strenuous, and I didn't think the choreo was complex.

It was a good workout. The live percussion is nice. The movements are large and flowing, with a modern dance vibe. You build up a routine one move at a time, then put it together several times at the end. You take it from the top each time you add a new piece, so people who hate TIFTing should probably not try this one. If you're looking for a dance workout that goes through the whole routine several times without stopping at the end, this is a good one.

Instructor Comments:
The good was that she was enjoying herself, she was upbeat and positive. She cued throughout. The bad was that she was a little loud, as if she were instructing a live class, projecting her voice. And she talked a little too much for my taste. But I really love her energy and enthusiasm. Overall, I like her as an instructor.



The videos are easy to follow, interesting and motivating live music, fun modern dance; I have two left feet but I feel like my balance, posture, and flexibility are improving through this program. I've only dropped 2 pounds but it's been just 3 weeks since I've started and I do the workouts about 3 days a week. I'm planning on beginning the meal plan (which is a nice bonus) after the week.

Instructor Comments:
Karen has a fantastic teaching style and melodic instructions - good pick for teaching this program

Jennifer Stuart