DanceX, Everybody's Workout

Kenn Kihiu
Year Released: 2007

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance

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Kenn had Greg Twombly of CIA Productions produce the workout. The set is very nice.


Very upbeat, energetic music of all genres and cultures (which includes more current hits).


Anyone can follow along to this low impact workout. (however you can take the intensity up as needed by giving it your all and just letting loose!) Ken uses dancy athletic type movements throughout. He doesn't do any tifting (taking it from the top). You'll perform unique dance moves to match the music, say doing Disco Rolls & Travolta Finger Points to disco music. Once you run through the song, you then move onto a new routine set to an all new music tune.

All levels can easily perform the workout. The choreography is mostly all low impact. One move, The Twist, may cause knee problems on carpet. Here Kenn suggests using smooth soled shoes or actually adding a little jump to the twist (which can help prevent your shoe from "sticking" to the carpet thus causing unnecessary torque on the knee). I personally subbed in a jog with a single, single, double count and it worked just fine with the beat of the music.

The moves will work your core (Hula Hoop and The Twist are several core moves shown), improve your cardio/lung function (Irish Kicks really bump up the calorie burn), and tone your entire body! (moves like the Light Bulb really had me feeling it in my arms and shoulders the next day)

The dvd includes an 8 minute abdominal routine. Kenn starts with basic crunches and then moves into oblique crunches with knees to one side (then repeat other side). Next you'll work your lower abs with reverse curls. A full body crunch works upper and lower abdominals together. (the moves get progressively harder as he moves along) Next, seated, you'll perform a twist side to side to work the waist. The last core move is tough! You'll lay on your back and hold your legs off the ground several inches (you'll feel this one!). Kenn finishes the segment with stretches for the entire abdominal region.

Instructor Comments:
Ken's attitude is contagious! He's got a pleasant personality and a sense of humor. (you can't help but smile during this workout!)