Dance and Be Fit: Lower Body Burn

Kimberly Miguel Mullen
Year Released: 2008

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance

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Using simple, non complex dance moves you'll shape the entire lower body, burn calories and put a smile on your face! (provides a great way to relieve stress too!)

The total workout is 50 minutes, including a 5 minute warmup, 2-20 minute dance segments and a 5 minute cooldown. If time doesn't permit for the entire session, you can choose to do either segment on its own.

The production is superb. Kimberly instructs in voice over and keeps everything light. The music is jazzy and upbeat. Kimberly and her 2 female assistants perform the dance moves on individual platforms on a well lit set. Flowing curtains provide a nice backdrop.

Heavenly Hips uses the hips as a basis for most of the poses. You'll see lots of hip sways (which work the waist as well) and hip circles. Kimberly plays with the tempo, speeding it up or slowing it down. Nothing it too hard to follow.

Lovely Legs is the most energetic of the two segments. You'll perform lots of kicks, which really work the entire leg area. Kimberly also uses more dancy moves ("cha-cha"). Dancer lunges help raise the heart rate & burn more calories! She adds on and repeats, making the sequence easy to learn. Everything is low impact-all 3 girls perform the workout in barefeet (if you have foot issues, shoes would be advised). Deep plies work the inner thighs effectively. Lovely Legs was my favorite section.

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