Tae Bo Ab Bootcamp

Billy Blanks
Year Released: 2005

Categories: Abs/Core

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Billy Blanks, 2005

This is a 35 minute ab workout. The first half is standing ab work and the second half is floor work. I really felt all the moves were pretty darn unique. I personally have not seen most of them elsewhere. While its not a killer routine, I always feel it the next day. It includes a ton of oblique work! Billy stresses slimming the waist (by twisting and such) and strengthening (crunches, etc) and that both are important to good abs. This workout actually didnt really strike me as a kickboxing workout-no punches or kicks.

The workout may have a very mild cardio effect because for the first part you are standing and pulling your knees in, etc. sometimes at a pretty quick pace. The standing routine includes (a lot of) twisting, knee pulls, side knee pulls, etc.

You could easily split this w/o up and stop or start after the standing work. The floor work includes side crunches where you pull your knee into your elbow, some lying ab work, and other unique crunch variations.

I would rate this as a solid intermediate ab workout. I enjoy the workout because its so unique and I do feel it works my muscles in a different way than just doing typical ab work.

Instructor Comments:
Billy is a counter "1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8" so if that annoys you, you probably wont like many Tae Bo w/o's.



This is a 35-minute video that is part of the Billy's Bootcamp series that comes with the Billy Bands. But this workout does NOT use the bands. It also does not include any traditional kickboxing moves, i.e. punches and kicks. The first half of the workout is standing abs including quick torso twists, standing forward and side crunches, and knee raises. The standing work does not have a cardio effect. It is standing ab work. The second half of the workout is on the floor and includes some really tough crunch and sit-up variations. It is structured similarly to Michael Olijade's Killer Abs & Back, but Ab Bootcamp moves at a slightly slower speed.

I really enjoy this workout. I see myself using it regularly.

Instructor Comments:
Billy, like always, is very motivational, although not everyone likes his style.

Catherine O'Neill