Dance Off the Inches: 15 Minute Express

Lydia Haskell
Year Released: 2005

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance

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Both of these (this and Cardio Dance Party) are set up the same way, and use the same set. the only difference is the length, the instructor and the moves used in each. each workout is chaptered by routine and each has a short blast workout that takes moves from the previous routines and makes a new sequence done at tempo 3. these are very fun workouts that are probably best suited for intermediates or high beginners who want to try something dancey but think they have 2 left feet. The routines are done on carpet, unlike many dance workouts. You learn several different routines in each workout, learning a combo at a slower tempo, then take it up to tempo 2 and finally up to tempo 3. As you lean more steps, the new combo is added to what you've already learned at tempo 3. Within each routine, there is some TFTTing, but once you finish the routine and move onto a new the previous one doesn't come back. the cueing is good and there is a nice variety of moves and fun music. An ambitious beginner, tired of program with few steps, might find these doable. Jules and Lydia are lots of fun- and I've had a good time trying to get back to exercise after surgery with these. While they're not intense, they are fun workouts that make dance accessible to people who thought dance workouts would be too complicated.

Instructor Comments:
Lydia and Jules have very similar styles here. Both are perky (without being annoying), cute, energetic and friendly. They cue well and keep the routines moving along and encourage well.