Dance and Be Fit: Latin Groove

Desi Bartlett
Year Released: 2008

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance

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Warmup: 9 minutes
Merengue section: 20 minutes
Salsa section: 20 minutes
Cooldown: 7 minutes

Beautiful production, authentic music and easy to follow moves will have you dancing in no time!

This workout is very doable (nothing too complex!). Desiree teaches add on style-she teaches you the combination, then you'll practice it several times, then you'll add a new move to it. (this makes it easy to pick up for beginners and those new to dance)

The workout is low impact, nothing too jarring for the joints. (great substitute for walking, etc) Each section is 20 minutes long and can be done separately or together for a longer workout. The voiceover done by Desiree provides detailed instructions in a non intimidating fashion (you are just having fun).

This is a great Latin workout that is sure to motivate with the simple moves and absolutely stunning visual scenery.

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