Crunch: Master Class Aerobics

Michael Perron
Year Released: 1995

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance

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To put my two cents in, I do not like this video. I've tried this one several times and unfortunately my opinion hasn't changed. I am high intermediate (Voight and Firm are about my level). The workout is not an intense one, but at the end my feet hurt and I'm exhausted in a bad way -- not at all like I've had a good workout. It is too long as it appears to be a lot of spliced-together low impact workouts, and then some high-impact; so it doesn't increase and then decrease in intensity as other well-planned videos. And, while whooping normally doesn't bother me, on this video it does. Sorry to be so critical!

Instructor Comments:
He looks good and obviously knows it. Michael is almost obnoxious in how he addresses the "ladies." Good cueing, however (except that he says you're almost done when there's still about 20 minutes of aerobics to go).

Elizabeth P.


This Crunch video differs from their other offerings in its length. The video is composed of a warm up, seven 6-7 minute blocks of choreography, and cool down/ stretch. It clocks in at about an hour, making it about twice as long as the average Crunch tape. Actually, it is longer than a lot of hi/lo videos out there. This tape really does not feel that long when you are doing it. This is due to the lack of tiftting. You learn a block of choreography, run through it a few times, and then move on to the next one. The tape builds in a logical manner. The routines gradually grow in intensity, with the fifth being the most intense (in my opinion). The intensity then lowers for the final two routines. I have seen the choreography described as basic. I really would have to rate it moderate-complex. Michael does not spend lots of time teaching a routine. I would rate the intensity intermediate/advanced (if you really throw yourself into it). There is a woman showing low impact options, but sometimes she is not entirely visible. It doesn't look as fun, either.
The music is typical Crunch stuff. It was high energy and I like it enough. Yes, there was whooping. I don't have a problem with it, but then again I kind of like being dorky when I work out (in my own home, with the curtains clamped shut!) This is one of my favorite floor aerobics tapes. If you can pick it up for a good price, it is definitely worth a look.

Instructor Comments:
Someone described Michael as having "a bad 90's frat boy haircut". So true. The tattoo only adds to his frat boy demeanor. He's moves and teaches well and does seem like a genuinely nice guy, however.



This is a fun hi/lo workout that features 45 minutes of aerobics. Each song is a different routine so it never gets boring. The moves are very simple but are jazzed up with some dancy arms. The whole tape is either moderate or low impact. One exerciser shows low impact modifications throughout, although some of her modifications don't make sense to me. I just do my own.

All in all it's a fun tape that keeps me in the target range for 45 minutes. Instructor is a cutie with a Texas accent, a bad mid-nineties frat boy hairdo, and tattoos. He's very charming and is encouraging in the right way.

I'm surprised that this tape isn't reccomended more. It's a notch or two higher in intensity than intermediate tapes, a notch or two lower than more advanced tapes. Choreography is pretty basic if you ignore the arms.

Warning: If you are sensitive to whooping there is a good bit in this video. Also truly awful clothes and hairstyles. I enjoy the cheesiness, but some might find it irritating.

Highly recommended!

Instructor Comments:
Charming and handsome. Very easy to exercise with.

Micki Voelkel


I bought this video after reading the reviews on this site and I'm happy to say that it was one of the best invesments I've made in a long time. This is the funnest aerobics video I've seen! The routines keep you moving, but have enough variety by each being separate that it's hard to get bored. Sure, some routines may not be your favorite, but they're only around five minutes, so if you plug on through it there's a better one coming. Everyone will find something to like in this video and I cannot say enough good things! The length is do-able, but I'm on month #5 of working on this thing and STILL haven't made it through every single routine. My advice to anyone between that intermediate/advanced level is to buy this, use it, and gradually work yourself up to doing all the routines. You'll have a great time doing it!!! BUY THIS VIDEO!

Instructor Comments:
Michael is so delicious to watch and has a tremendous energy that keeps you going without getting annoyed. He's very upbeat and explains every move pretty well (though it may take a bit of time to get all of it down pat).



It is so hard to find lower impact videos with a long aerobic segment so that is why I tried this tape. I love it. This tape keeps me moving because once you learn the routine, you repeat it a few times, then move on to the next combo. This tape is intermediate but can be advanced with some modifications (ok, how about beginning advanced) All in all, if you like funky music and dancy videos-you will have fun with this

Instructor Comments:
He is quite handsome and "user friendly". Some of the cueing is off, but he's such a sweetheart-I can forgive that!

kathy jackson


Well this is quite a little gem that I picked up through the Exchange. Great music, high energy, normal Crunch atmosphere. It's a 57-minute floor aerobics workout. After the warm-up and stretch, you start with some basic moves and gradually build intensity through the different sections. No taking it from the top through the entire video like CIAs do. I love that!

Each section gets a little more intense and a little higher impact, but you can certainly raise the intensity from the beginning by using more power moves. Basic stuff with a little bit of danciness thrown in. Lots of step touches, knee ups, hamstring curls, skips, jacks, lunge-type moves, pivots, etc.

The only negative IMO is that he starts each section slowly teaching arm movements while marching or step touching. That's okay because the music is good and he moves into the actual combo quickly, but I'm not in this for fancy arm movements. It throws off my concentration and I'd rather just reach and pull or something. Even so, I'd give them video an intermediate rating and a definite A-. Plus, he's so cute that I want to see him again.

Instructor Comments:
What a cutie! He's a personal trainer and probably a bit better at that, but he's pretty good actually. Lots of energy and fun.

Joni O


2-16-98 I got Master Class Aerobics in the mail last night(thanks, Joyce!) and "Yow!" This is definitely going to be one of my favs, for several reasons not the least of which is Michael Perron, who has throughly charmed the

sweatsocks off me! On his bio he says he's 28 AND SINGLE. Now is that an advertisement, or what? He's in Dallas so if any of you ladies are interested, find out which gym he's at, grab a jar of peanut butter (his favorite binge food) and go! Yep, you got it, I wasn't just sweating, I was drooling, but damn those 57 minutes flew by!

His cuing was pretty good, although they could have panned back a little more so you could see his feet as well as his face. The combinations were fun, and not too difficult. Several twists and spins, which I don't do since I work out on carpet, but it's easy to leave those out. I expect to have the combinations *down* by the end of the third time I do this video.

Once again, Crunch has slid little comments between sections. I have three favorites: "Complaining about your thighs isn't aerobic"; "Isn't workng out at home great? No one can see you jumping around in your underwear!" (Which, by the way, is what I think the Asian woman in the video is wearing--dyed blue men's jockey-style underwear. Blech!); and then, at the end of the last aerobic segment before the cool down, came my all time favorite "Crunch-ism", "You know something? You look stunningly beautiful when you're sweating." !!!

It may be cheap and obvious, but I don't care, I'm hooked! I will do this tape over and over just so I get to watch Michael ("We'll do it again, don't worry." "Watch me." [Not taking my eyes off you!]), have fun)and get that last confidence boost.

The stretch *was* a bit skimpy, and the workout is probably not strenuous enough for the cardio queens, but this one is definitely going on my "favorites" list.

Instructor Comments:

Renee Drellishak


This is a great long workout. I have done it about 6 times now and I think I finally have all the moves. This video is fun and definetly not boring. I find it very challenging and love that it is more than 25 minutes of aerobics like most tapes. I would love to get more videos with Michael as the instructor. This video is not the same old thing and will keep you going and sweating. I love it. I wish I could find more like it. I do agree that the cool down and stretch could be longer especially after such a challenging workout. I give it an A- because the cool down could be better.

Instructor Comments:
I thought Michael Perron teaches a great class. He's upbeat and really keeps you going.



This video includes a brief warmup/stretch, six floor aerobics segments, and a brief cooldown/stretch. The first two aerobics segments are low impact, and the last four are mixed impact. One of Michael's entourage of young, pretty, thin exercise pals does low-impact throughout. The low-impact variations are so obvious, if you've done a lot of videos, I don't think you need to watch her whenever the workout becomes too intense. Besides, I'd rather watch Michael! The cooldown is sufficient, but I like a longer stretch. But most videos in the past few years have minimal stretching, I've found, and I have my own routine I do after an aerobics video (the stretching is the best part of a workout to me!). I bought this video because of the length of aerobics; I wanted at least 45 minutes of fat burning fun. And this is a FUN video. I've done the workout a half-dozen times, and I still don't have all the moves. But you get a great workout trying. Eventually I'll get it. I'm not easily frustrated learning steps, but if you have trouble with Donna Richardson's Donnamite, you'll have a whole lot more trouble with this one because of Michael's quick footwork. My fitness level is more in the beginner/intermediate range, and this workout is a challenge. But how will I progress if I don't try harder workouts? I especially like the Crunch messages between segments; they're cute/silly/funny, and they give me time to grab my water glass between segments.

Instructor Comments:
Michael Perron is young, energetic, and handsome in a clean-cut way (despite the tattoos). He frequently talks about "having FUN," which is more motivating to me than "you're burning FAT," which a lot of instructors say repeatedly. Michael isn't the greatest at cuing, but some of the moves and transitions in the Crunch Master Class Aerobics video are very quick, and I like it that he doesn't baby us by telling us things we can see on the screen.

Lilly Anderson


This is the best CRUNCH video to date. It is 45 minutes or so of hi/low aerobics with very basic choreography. The workout can be anywhere from intermediate to advanced depending on how much intensity you use. Michael Perron is the instructor and he leads an all female class. The set is typical CRUNCH and everyone is perky and enthusiastic and there is some whooping but not bad. The workout begins with a short warmup followed by 7 different hi/lo segments. All the moves are grapevines, step touches, marches, knee ups, lunges and kicks. The marches can be modified to jogs to increase intensity. The cooldown and stretch are nice, but too short. I enjoyed this workout despite a few drawbacks. The cueing is not exceptional and some of the transitions seem to be awkward. I've only done this workout once so I'm sure it will smooth out after a few times or I will modify. There are one or two funny arm movements that are kind of dumb so I will probably do my own arms instead. All in all this is a nice hi/low workout to add to my collection - I don't have a lot of floor aerobics that I like. I picked this tape up at Media Play for $12.99

Michael Perron is an adequate instructor although as mentioned in the review his cueing could be better. He's also not hard to look at.

Sue Jones


This is an intermediate-level high/low workout and really quite fun. It's longer than the other Crunch tapes - 55 minutes including warmup and cooldown. There are 7 different routines, and once you're done with one, you're done (there's no "taking it from the top"). So it keeps your interest because it's constantly changing.

This is one of the better-taught Crunch tapes I've seen. They're often hard to follow, but Michael does a pretty good job of showing new moves and cueing.

Some of it is a little on the dancy side, but there is nothing that is extremely complex. At the beginning, it is more low-impact, and then it gets higher as it goes along.

I recommend this for intermediate-level exercisers (both in intensity and choreography). For that level, it is an A- tape; but as an advanced exerciser, I really didn't get the intensity I was looking for.

Instructor Comments:
Michael reminds me a lot of Jennifer Mills (except for the hideous tatoo). He has a warm, engaging personality and likes to have fun. I'd love to see him do an advanced high/low tape.

Annie S.


This video was a bit of a disappointment (understatement). The steps were a bit too fast and complicated for me (I am a klutz) but, most of all, I couldn't stand all the whooping and the fake enthusiasm. Some background exercisers wore such skimpy clothing that it really annoyed me (some were wearing what looked to me like bikinis ...) and all that put on 'oh we're having such fun' attitude irritated me totally. Last but not least, Michael Perron ... let's just say he's not my cup of tea ! I showed him to my husband and he got a great laugh out of his facial expressions, so I am probably not the only one who sees his comical potential. Half the time, I was either laughing at Michael or shouting nonsense at the background exercisers... Conclusion : I really tried to do the video but it definitely wasn't for me. I had no problem exchanging it, though !

Maryan, Paris


This workout was med. to high intensity for me. I have a lot of videos and this is definitely a great one. If you like to sweat then this is the video for you. Some of the moves are a little fast and tricky but you get plenty of chances to catch on.
By the end of the tape you will hurt so good. I'm not sure if it's because the tape is intense or because you will miss looking at Michael. Buy the video and judge for yourself.

Instructor Comments:
Encouraging and upbeat. He gently pushes you to finish the workout.



I have add this video for a couple of year... I tried to get to like it, but I don't.
I can't get use to the ambience. I dislike the whooping, the look of the set, the outfits, I especially dislike the no bra wearing! I wonder what the artistic director was thinking? I also find the music pretty plain.

The workout itself is a good one, I always got a good sweat, and this is why I tried to stick with it. The combos are interesting, even though by the third one I find the the arm combination are getting to complex for me, I get confused pretty easily.

I ended up trading the video.

Instructor Comments:
The instructor is enthusiastic and his cueing is OK. He comes across well.

Josee D