Contagious Cardio

Deborah Puskarich
Year Released: 2004

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance

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Contagious Cardio is a Sara's City production. It is awesome if you have a lot of space and love to twirl. It has really good music and complex choreography. Deborah does 3 long choreography blocks, puts them together at the end and then splits them and runs through the whole thing twice. Total of about 55 minutes. 3 blocks doesn't sound like a lot of choreography for that long a video, but she layers the choreography and uses a lot of direction changes. This is really a fun video. Deborah is a great cuer and seems very comfortable with the camera. I would describe the choreography as similar to Patrick Goudeau's. The set is the same as in older Sara's City videos with a white, gauzy curtain thrown up in the corner over the top of some multicolored lights. I guess it was supposed to add something to the set, but it didn't do much for me. The music was very audible and stayed at a constant volume. I have the dvd. I give this one an A, but be warned that it is a space hog. If you suffer from vertigo, forget it because you are almost constantly turning and changing directions.



On cardio work, I am an intermediate to advanced exerciser who enjoys with complex choreography at some level. I also enjoy my ďeasierĒ workouts on those mornings I donít feel like thinking that much. After trying many different cardio workouts with varying complexity, I have found that I enjoy many different workouts, but my absolute favorites are those that many complexity lovers on VF would classify as intermediate because the instructor takes awhile to build combinations and/or explains more than the most complex instructors (like Christi, Patrick, or Andre). This style of this hi/lo workout fits in with the intermediate workouts I enjoy.

Review Done After First Time Doing This Workout
Deborah does this workout by herself in the corner of a workout room in front of a drape and lights. The picture is good, but, sometimes, itís hard to figure out which way she is going, especially when Iím turned around.

She doesnít cue or explain well at times. She will do fine at cueing and/or explaining and then she doesnít. This workout is fun when I followed her. She takes simple moves, adds on a little at a time, and ends up with more complex combinations. There are spins and moves that take me all over my workouts space.

This is a solid intermediate workout. I really wanted to like this workout Ė before and during it. It was fun, but I had to work to keep enthusiasm up for it. Many of her mannerisms annoyed me mightily Ė gasping when she adds a new move, the way she talks, etc.

Review Done Other Times Iíve Done This Workout
The annoyances that so caught my attention the first time I did this workout are still there, but the choreography took over and I HAD A BLAST DOING THIS WORKOUT! She builds combinations slowly that end up fairly complex and have me spinning and grinning around my workout space. Once I knew what was coming, I loved the moves in this workout. She stresses that moves like spins are arm movements are optional, so I feel free to do what feels right to me.

Instructor Comments:

Laura S.