Connection Christian Workout

Debbie James
Year Released: 2000

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance

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Collage lists this as a "staff favorite" and as beg/inter level. It isn't.

It is strictly beginner level intensity wise....never did get my heart rate up. Also, the lead, Debbie James, doesn't cue any of the moves in advance...except for the occasional return to the base "step touch", which she cues about 20 beats before she does it.

All the moves are pretty basic, step touches, grapevines, etc so it is easy to pick up even without good cueing.

The good news is, the praise music is nice...and loud enough to hear. The set is nice, and occasionally they switch to just Debbie working out in front of different scenery, which is pretty.

It's a nice Christian beginner video. And, it looks nice. But, I emphasize one more time...very much beginner level.

The Instructor: Debbie James has a very calming demeanor. Her voice is very soothing. If she made a Christian yoga or stretch video, it would probably be a million seller!

Laura (LCC)