Club HiLo

Todd Gheisar
Year Released: 2001

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance

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It is unclear to me what Todd was trying to accomplish with this video. It is obvious that he targeted beginners but this is not your typical exercise video in that it does not flow while he is teaching the moves. He starts and stops too much which makes it very choppy. The production quality is horrible and his cueing is about as bad as I've seen. This video is definitely for the beginner but it does have fairly interesting choreography. He keeps the impact low with just a couple of small jumps but the whole thing could be done with no impact. If you like complex choreography and intensity you will not find it here. He spends way too much time breaking down the moves. If you compare this to other videos you will be greatly disappointed.

WARM UP/STRETCH: The warm up is 5 minutes long and includes basic moves such as knee ups and side steps. He stretches the calves, hip flexors and hamstrings. Todd is alone during the warm up.

LEARNING THE MOVES: He spends 15 minutes breaking down all the moves and again is alone. Some of the moves include a squat to one side, triple run, squat to the other side, and triple run. He does a triple run to the side, a funky hip thrust, triple run to the other side, and hip thrust. He slides forward three times, turns around and slides back three times. Of course there is more but that gives you a small look at the choreography. At one point he makes a comment about getting naughty which I find somewhat offensive.

WORKOUT: Two VFers and another woman join Todd for a total of 4 minutes. They put the whole routine together 3 times. It is a fun routine but only 3 times?

COOL DOWN/STRETCH: The cool down and stretch is about 5 minutes long. He does basic moves like step to the side, squats, marching in place and stepping back. He stretches the back, inner thighs and a little upper body which is just swinging and raising your arms.

MUSIC/SET: The music did not excite me and was not loud enough. It did have a steady beat but it sounded like he was playing a radio that was just sitting on the floor off to the side. The set is a brick wall with a sign that says Club HiLo on it.

BACKGROUND EXERCISERS: The VFers did a great job keeping up with Todd. They looked like they were having a great time and executed the moves very well!! Good job. The other woman was out of camera range 90% of the time.

SPACE NEEDED: He took up a fair amount of room on one move he did to the side. I was able to shorten my steps and fit it in. If you don't have a decent amount of space front to back you might have to modify a little. I don't think he takes up any more room than the average Hi/Lo video.

If you are looking for a basic, very short, beginner video and don't mind the bad production quality this might be a good video for you to start with. Otherwise, the only reason to buy it is to have a piece of VF history.

INSTRUCTOR: Todd seems like a sincere and fun person who appears to be having a good time in this video. He definitely needs to improve his cueing! I can't help but like Todd but he needs to be better organized and improve his production quality.

Kelly Davidson