The Firm Express: Overdrive

Kelsie Daniels
Year Released: 2010

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights) , Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance , Total Body Workouts

The Overdrive cycle w/o's are led by Kelsie. There are three 20 minute dvds; a cardio, sculpt, & cardio + sculpt. The Overdrive workouts offer the most challenging cardio (though I didnt find them any tougher than the others in the set). They allow for the heaviest weights of the series (I agree). There are 2 backgrounders, one shows beginner modifications. The set is really cute-kind of looks like a basketball court floor w/ nice wood & light colors in the background. You will only need dumbbells for the Firm Express series. All Firm Express workouts feature 8 second power bursts w/ a 12 second recovery.

Overdrive Cardio + Sculpt: This workout combines cardio, strength, and 8 second bursts. The bursts include: tuck jumps, side leap w/ high knees, quick curtsy dip to side lunge, and lunge hops. The remainder of the w/o works your UB & LB evenly (yay) and includes low and high impact cardio & sculpting work. Moves include: ham curls, jacks, power lunges & squats, burpee -pushup -bicep combo, OH press w/ dip, curtsy dips w/ hinge & row and trcip kickbacks, squat w/ hammer & concentration curls, shuffle rock step kick combo, and finishes w/ V sit & leg extension variations.

Overdrive Sculpt: This is a strength w/o that includes 8 second cardio bursts. The moves in the bursts are: floor tap- kicks, rear tap while pulling your #'s back, the ol' Firm bicep-tricep side touch move, & OH press w/ knee raise. The other work includes: deadlift bicep curls w/a balance knee lift, bridge, bench press- skull crusher combo, squat w/ OH press, pushup w/ direction, French press, lat rows, hammer curls, surrenders w/ lat raise, and ends with plank & elevator planks.

Overdrive Cardio: This is an all cardio kickboxing w/o with 8 second power bursts, most of the work is pretty low impact in this one. I rate this w/o intermediate. Kelsie does some really fun unique kickboxing combos in this. Lots of punches & kicks put together into fun routines.

I really really really liked this cycle. Def my fav of the series. Her routines are fun, athletic, and unique. Great little combos, love the kickboxing. I rate: C+S high intermediate to low advanced, S = allows for heavy weights & is appropriate for all skill levels depending on the poundage used, and the C is intermediate & low impact.

Part of the 12 second recovery is used for set up- no wasted time- quick recovery and back to work! These workouts move right along and you will work up a nice sweat in the 20 minutes. Time flys even combining 2. These (like all Firms) are really easy to modify up or down in impact & intensity. These contain fun new moves so they are different from other Firms, but still athletic and combine strength & cardio work as Firms always have. The intro is quick and says "I am Gaiam" and moves right into the menu- so combining w/o's is pretty painless! I received these dvds to review.