The Firm Express: Kick Start Your Metabolism

Jennifer Ray
Year Released: 2010

Categories: Abs/Core , Circuit Training (cardio and weights) , Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance , Total Body Workouts

This is the (awesome) "bonus" dvd in the Firm Express kit. It contains a 10 minute ab workout and a 10 minute AWT w/o. Both are led by Jen w/ 2 backgrounders. The set is really cute-kind of a basketball court floor w/ nice wood & light colors in the background. You will only need dumbbells for the Firm Express series.

Pump It Up!: This is an awesome 10 minute AWT workout. In this w/o you do one set of 8 second bursts (w/ 12 seconds of recovery) then a strength and/or cardio move and repeat. So literally 1/2 of this workout is bursts- loved it! The bursts were all weighted and include: plyo jumps & then she adds in OH press, weighted lunges & adds in bicep curls, and plank moguls. The rest of the workout includes: ski w/ weights & alternating reach, side lunge w/ tricep kickback & dumbbell floor touch, squat- clean & press- abduction, dips & bicep curls, and pushups & renegade rows.

Shortcut to Flat Abs: This is a fun 10 minute weighted core routine. You will need 1 dumbbell for all the work in this. Standing moves include: standing weighted crunches, squat w/ a chop & swing, and windmill. Floor work includes: clam shell crunch w/ a pullover, side knee drops w/ pec fly, roll ups, bridge w/ sky marches, V sit while rowing, supermans, scorpion low back work, and plank into side plank w/ hip raises.

I absolutely LOVED Pump It Up!- if all the dvds in this set were structured like this- I would be in heaven (well probably because they'd have killed me). I would rate Pump It Up! a low advanced-if it were 20 min I would say advanced. Shortcut to Flat Abs is a great solid intermediate ab w/o. Jen is a great lead- good curing, nice demeanor. She didnt always use all 8 seconds in the bursts though.

These workouts move right along. No wasted time and you will work up a nice sweat in the 10 minute AWT w/o. These (like all Firms) are really easy to modify up or down in impact & intensity. These contain fun new moves and the time really flys. The intro is quick and says "I am Gaiam" and moves right into the menu- so combining w/o's is pretty painless! I received these dvds to review.