The Firm Express: Ignite

Emily Welsh
Year Released: 2010

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights) , Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance , Total Body Workouts

Emily Welsh, 2010

The Ignite cycle w/o's are led by Emily. There are three 20 minute dvds; a cardio, cardio + sculpt, and sculpt. The Ignite workouts feature moderate to high impact and allow for heavier weights. There are 2 backgrounders, one shows beginner modifications. The set is really cute-kind of looks like a basketball court floor w/ nice wood & light colors in the background. You will only need dumbells for the Firm Express series. All Firm Express workouts feature 8 second power bursts w/ a 12 second recovery.

Ignite Cardio + Sculpt: This dvd is about 50/50% cardio/sculpt. Interspersed in the AWT are series of four 8 second bursts with 12 seconds recovery. The power move gets progressively harder each time. Some of the power burst moves include low jack progressing to plyo jacks, fast feet, & modified burpees/ regular burpees. The C+S work includes shift squats, power squats, pliet-squat-kick backs, lunge w/ a row & curl, squat into a burpee & pushup, plank rows w/ pushups, and finishes with some standing oblique work.

Ignite Sculpt: The progressive 8 second bursts get your heart rate up and the strength work in this keeps it up there. The 8 second bursts include fast side lunges, Mt. Climber variations, & a "quick quick run" move. The strength work includes lots of nice combo moves: dips w/ bicep curls, side lunges w/ French press, lat row in a static squat, pliet heel slide, squat w/ a curl & OH press, hinge & row, reverse bridge w/ an oblique twist, push up w/ a reach, pec fly w/ skull crushers & leg extensions, V sits, and concludes with lower back work. They combined moves perfectly so the poundage was appropriate for all moves.

Ignite Cardio: This is an all cardio w/o that includes non-progressive 8 second bursts (most high intensity). Eight second bursts include: fast low jacks progressing to jacks, plyo hops, & plyo knee pull lunges. Other cardio work combines a mix of low & high impact/intensity work including: double step touch w/ a punch, jab- cross- knee- kick combo, lunges & squats into plyo versions, wide high knees, and low & high jacks.

I liked that part of the 12 second recovery is used for set up- no wasted time- quick recovery and back to work! These workouts move right along and you will work up a nice sweat in the 20 minutes. Time flys even combining 2. I rate these solid intermediates that (like all Firms) are really easy to modify up or down. These contain fun new moves so they are different from other Firms, but still athletic and combine strength & cardio work as Firms always have. The intro is quick and says "I am Gaiam" and moves right into the menu- so combining w/o's is pretty painless! I received these dvds to review.