Turbo Kick Fan Home Workout DVD 3

Chalene Johnson, Jenelle Summers
Year Released: 2009

Categories: Boxing/Kickboxing/Martial Arts

This review is for TK Round 32, which is the first workout on the TK Fan Volume 3 DVD. I previously reviewed Turbo Sport separately.

This one was very different than Turbo Sport, which I loved. While it was still a good workout, it was quite a bit less intense than Turbo Sport or any of the Turbo Fire workouts. I found myself modifying up, jumping, etc where she wasn't to increase the challenge. Next time, I will attempt this one with weighted gloves for a little extra oomph. It was also a bit more dancy than I'm used to, compared to either TS or TF. There is a "Finesse" section which teaches a kind of hip hop-ish style routine but it's really kind of slow paced and didn't really fit me at all. A little too much shaking it in this workout for me. I'd still reach for this one, skipping that section, on a lighter day or with the weighted gloves. Without the Finesse I clocked in at about 45 minutes which is ok for me. One more thing I didn't care for in this one was the music, it just didn't click with me. THe beat was hard to hear and in kickboxing that's how I personally time my punches.

Instructor Comments:
Chalene is Chalene, very chatty and enjoying herself quite a bit during the dancy sections of this workout.