All Systems Go!

Mindy Mylrea
Year Released: 2007

Categories: Body Bar , Circuit Training (cardio and weights) , Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance

All Systems Go! is an advanced 60-minute interval workout which alternates strength/cardio segments with cardio drills.

Mindy works out with Lexi and Sue, who provides easier modifications. All the women use a six-pound BodyBar, which feels about right for me too.

The workout is chaptered from the main menu and comprises a five-minute warmup, three strength/cardio segments, two cardio drill segments, a floor core/strength segment and a four-minute cooldown/stretch. Throughout the workout, Mindy says that you can mix and match the segments, although the DVD is not programmable, and provides no premixes.

The workout is very well designed, and utilises the BodyBar well throughout. Of course, you aren't going to develop much strength with six pounds, but the added weight intensifies the cardio and balance challenges.

Strength/Cardio 1 presents a few compound moves which will test your balance. For example, a combined squat/row becomes an overhead press on one leg, and a single-leg deadlift morphs into an overhead press on one leg. Mindy always says something which makes me laugh out loud - here it's "I'm already fatigued and we've only just started!"

Cardio Drills 1 uses the BodyBar as a horizontal marker on the floor as you perform fast feet shuffles, straddles, hops, speed skaters and lateral jumps.

Strength/Cardio 2 involves lots of lunges and squats including Mindy's trademark "pinwheel lunges" (lunging forward, diagonally, sideways and backwards) with the BodyBar across your shoulders.

Cardio Drills 2 again uses the BodyBar as a marker on the floor, this time in the vertical position as you perform more fast feet shuffles, straddles and hops.

Strength/Cardio 3 provides more compound strength moves, a balance challenge, and a "stir the pot" move with the BodyBar to work your core.

Floor Strength It's only at this point that I realise how much the rest of the routine has worked my core. Mindy ups the ante with some tough moves which include "kayaking" with the BodyBar and travelling pushups.

In summary, this is a very enjoyable workout which will improve your aerobic and anaerobic capacity, balance and agility. It is not for those who don't care for squats, lunges and high impact moves, although Mindy does emphasise safety and form throughout. Although challenging, it's very easy to follow, with no fancy choreography to trip you up.

Ratings out of five:
Production values ****
Workout design *****
Instruction *****
Fun factor *****
Music ***
Meets expectations *****
Overall ****

Instructor Comments:
Mindy, as always, is funny with an infectious enthusiasm. This workout is cued far better than some of her other DVDs, and she gives continuous form pointers throughout.