The Firm: Volume 6: Forever Firm

Jayne Poteet
Year Released: 1992

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights)

This is a 40ish minute AWT w/o not including the stretch. Jayne leads in the mansion set with a bunch of background exercisers. This w/o was originally created for "boomers" or an older crowd, and its the easiest of the Classics IMO, not that its an easy workout. You will need a variety of dumbbells, a short & tall step, and she uses a optional barbell.

This workout moves right along and the bulk is done standing. The floor work includes a tough ab section, some bridge work, pelvic floor contractions, and pec fly before moving into the stretch.

The standing strength work includes leg press, squatting off the short box w/ dumbbells, squats, hover squats, some bicep work while stepping, tricep kickbacks, double arm row, upright row and other familiar Firm moves. There are no lunges or dips at all in this one.

The standing strength work gets my heart rate up some and she also does some step work on the short box. So overall the cardio effect in this workout is good.

I would rate this as an intermediate workout. Jayne is a great lead and cues well. The moves are all simple, athletic and easy to follow. She moves right along so there is no wasted time but I didnt feel rushed like I do in some of the older Firms. She allows you to go pretty heavy (for a Firm). I like this workout, it works nicely to get some strength work in while keeping your HR up.