The Firm: Calorie Killer

Nancy Tucker
Year Released: 2003

Categories: Step Aerobics

This is a 35ish minute cardio w/o led by Nancy w/ 4 backgrounders, Alicia shows beginner mods. The set is the BSS2 set-white w/ color background & white walls. You will need a fanny lifter (or step) and the Sculpting Stick (or a set of light dumbbells) for the 4-limb work in this.

This is one of the few all cardio w/o's from the Firm-while you do use the stick or the twigs, its for 4 limb or a few light lunges & dips so I def do not consider any of it real toning. Some of the moves are typical Firm cardio moves but most are pretty unique and she combines the cardio into fun little routines that keep you interested and moving. The 1st routine is not as challenging as the remainder and this w/o seems to sneak up on me intensity wise.

Some of the moves include a punch and kick series, shuffle, a basketball-esque routine, step touching around your stick, some fun step routines, and some tall box climbs. She transitions from floor cardio, 4 limb cardio, step aerobics, and tall box climbs to keep things fun and I never get bored.

I like Nancy as a lead and she does a good job cueing in this one. There is one step section where I got confused for a second but all the moves are pretty straightforward to I dont think most would have a problem catching on the 1st time around. This is a fun little cardio w/o and I would rate it an intermediate w/o that would be easy to modify up or down to suit your needs.