The Firm: Body Sculpt Blaster

Nancy Tucker
Year Released: 2002

Categories: Total Body Workouts

This is a 30ish minute strength workout led by Nancy w/ 4 background exercisers, one showing the beginner modifications. The set is the BSS1 set and you will need dumbbells and a Fanny Lifter or other step for this workout.

While this is a strength workout Nancy combines a lot of UB & LB moves to really get your heart rate up and keep it there. A lot of the moves are familiar Firm stuff: clean and press, dip w/ bicep curl, leg press (quite a few sets really and she varies the tempo and adds in bicep curls etc to them), squats w/ overhead press, lat row, lunges, pliets with rows, curtsey lunge w/ outer thigh lift, french press and a quick seated oblique section on the FL.

I really like this workout and the time goes by very quickly! Nancy really accomplishes a lot in a small amount of time. I was able to heavy up for almost every move and actually felt it the next day a bit in my LB. She hits every body part and really moves things along nicely. I would rate this a solid to high intermediate w/o if you heavy up on the poundage.