Kickbutt Fast Cheetah

Heidi Tanner, Kimberly Spreen
Year Released: 2005

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance

This workout has already been broken down thoroughly, so I am just going to add my own opinions. I am reviewing this workout after having done it once.

In general I adore most of the WHFN workouts, but I tend to prefer the strength-oriented workouts, which is why it took me so long to try Fast Cheetah. Overall it was what I expected (having tried FitPrime Lean, and original FitPrime Steaminí Cardio already) Ė is a mostly low impact, strength-oriented cardio workout with great music. And like Lean and SC, I have mixed feelings about it.

Cons: I donít feel like itís true cardio, because it relies too heavily on 4-limb aerobics and (albeit unweighted) lunges and squats, and not enough on unweighted, mixed intensity, choreographed routines to mix it with. All of the unweighted true cardio routines were, as Abbe pointed out, boring, slow moving, and most of all REPETITIVE. I usually donít mind repetitive because Iím choreographically challenged, but even I like to shake it up to keep boredom at bay. I canít imagine how frustrated a more choreographically talented person would feel. I also agree with Abbe in that all of the background exercisers seemed to be doing something slightly different, which was a little distracting and disorganized Ė very unlike most Anna Benson productions, which are usually pristine.

Pros: like all WHFN workouts that I have tried, the production values are excellent, the music score is superb, and the instruction (both Heidi and Kimberly although Kimberly did all of the aerobic tunes) was great as well. Some of the cardio tunes were very good: the kickboxing was intense and fun, the 4-limb section was really intense with the 5# bells that I used (I might even modify down next time to 4#), and the tall box sections were also very good.

I did not do the floor routine at the end. Without the floor work, the all-standing cardio clocked in at 30 minutes. I disliked some of the more repetitive sections, but I will likely do this video again, given the right circumstances. It was great for a day like today when I did NOT feel like doing anything at all, but used this workout as a light cardio/recovery short 30 minute routine and afterwards felt like I did something, which was what I was going for. The time did not fly by but went quickly enough if only the first 30 minutes are used.

I would consider this beginner-intermediate level (I am intermediate to high intermediate) suitable for those who enjoy AWT and are looking for a lighter workout. I would not recommend this to those who canít stand repetitive cardio. You do need a tall box to get the most out of the workout. Overall grade B.

Instructor Comments:
Heidi and Kimberly are both very personable. They also teamed up for WHFN KickButt Push Pull, which is one of my favorites! Kimberly has an obvious flair for kickboxing and that shows in both workouts. Heidi is classic, she was wonderful in the early Firm days and she continued to be elegant and professional in her WHFN days. They both smile and are encouraging.

Emily B.