Tracy Anderson's Post Pregnancy Workout

Tracy Anderson
Year Released: 2008

Categories: Pregnancy/Postpartum

I have all Tracy's workouts and this is my least favorite because of the empahsis on ab work (including lots of crunch-based variations). Here is a breakdown:

Warmup (4:00)
Gentle seated warmup that activates and dynamically stretches the spine, hips and hamstrings.

Abs (22:00)
Tracy does several controlled abs exercises that involve the whole body:
Crunch series with legs extended (7:00)
Basic crunch
Knee pull in to chest / extend / straight leg lift up 90degrees / extend
Feet apart: Extend one arm alongside the leg in a side crunch and extend the arm overhead on the way down
Cross one foot on top of the other: Pull feet in with knees open / extend legs together
Feet apart: Lift leg with knee slightly bent and bring the opposite shoulder to the knee
Crunch series with weight in one hand (2:30)
Start with legs extended and together: Pull knee in and out (alternating between turn in and turnout) while the arm reaches forward and overhead
Pikes series both hands hold a single weight (6:00)
One knee bent and other leg extended, arms overhead: Crunch, lifting leg up to 90degrees and bringing hands to meet it / Repeat with other leg / Repeat with both legs moving at once.
Legs extended together and arms overhead: Pull feet in with knees apart with hands reaching forward, and return to standing position.
Plank series (6:30)
Side planks
Prone plank on elbows / Tap knees down / Alt. leg lift
Plank with feet apart, alternating hip extension in an attitude position

Side series (2:30) works the core and lower body
Lie on side with legs extended: Pull knee to shoulder and extend / Pulse up
Cross top foot on bottom foot: Bend knees and lift legs up and back

Lower body on all fours (9:30)
A short but intense series that really gets into the glutes
Straight leg abduction
Hip extension in attitude position / Pulse up
Start in arabesque position: Pull knee to shoulder and extend back
Start in arabesque position: Tap foot to floor across bottom leg and sweep up to a diagonal
Bring heels together and knees apart and push heels up toward ceiling (little frogs).

Arm work / unweighted (3:00)
Arm work / light weights (3:00)
This is similar to the work done on the Mat Workout but a tad slower. I personally find that these segments are not long enough to sufficiently work my upper body.

Cooldown (3:00)
Similar to the standing cooldown on the Mat Workout but it feels more disjointed (editing not as smooth) to me and not as satisfying.

Instructor Comments:
Tracy cues, guides and encourages more in this workout than in her other dvds.