The Firm: Super Body Sculpt

Stephanie Huckabee
Year Released: 2002

Categories: Total Body Workouts

This workout has already been thoroughly broken down, so I am just going to add my impressions here. This is one of the “Six Pack” add ons to the Body Sculpting System 1, which uses the Fanny Lifter, a 6” purple step which sits on top of a 8” blue step, for an overall 14” step. I really like the FL and have used it over and over, in Firm workouts as well as plenty of other workouts. I enjoy BSS1 in that it does not bother with the “sculpting stick” which is unfortunately introduced in BSS2.

Stephanie works out with four other Firm master instructors, in the BSS1 set which is very Crunch-like with large white fans in an open area. If I remember the color theme is green here – everybody wears similar-but-different green tops or sport bras with black pants or shorts. Libby is the beginner modifier and does not use weights.

I was actually not planning to invest in Super Body Sculpt, as I do not prefer split routines or working all of the muscles one group at a time (I prefer most other Firms that intermix the entire body). However, at a used bookstore I found a $0.99 VHS of this tape, so what could I do? ;-) Upon doing the workout, I am glad that I found it for cheap and now have it in my collection.

The workout starts with an arm segment, about 15 minutes of actual strength work plus a warm up and cool down, then a leg segment, another 15 minutes of actual strength work plus a warm up and cool down, and finally a shorter 10 minute ab workout, plus its own warm up and cool down. An immediate complaint is that each segment has its own warm up and cool down – I would have strongly preferred one warm up and cool down plus separate chaptering for the arm, leg, and ab segments. As it is, I did the arm warm up, arm strength work, fast forward to leg strength work, fast forward to ab strength work, then cooled down for a ~40 minute workout. With the VHS it was easy enough to fast forward; I do not know if or how well the DVD is chaptered. Done in entirety the workout is about 45 minutes.

There is no cardio (warm ups excluded) in this workout – it is strictly strength. I thought the strength work was very comprehensive and I got a great bang out of the short time period for both arms and legs. Leg work included two sets of leg press among lunges and squats. Arm work included all of the regular Firm fare, military press, delt lifts, pushups, French press. Ab work incorporated the FL with feet on the step and was a collection of very general crunch variations.

What I really liked most about the workout is the music – I recognized several tunes from other workouts (primarily 10 Minute Solution videos). Also, with such short sets, the workout goes by really fast. This video will definitely be a refreshing change of pace from other Firm workouts, primarily because of its organization of a split routine. I have really enjoyed almost all of the BSS workouts that I have tried, and this is a great one to add to the collection. They are generally shorter in length (less than an hour), moderately intense but not killer, and easily modifiable with poundage. I believe the instructor uses 3, 5, and 8# weights, I use 10, 12, and 15 for more of a challenge.

This workout is a great addition for those Firm lovers; or those that like Firm style weight training. This is good for those who like split routines and are looking for SHORT focused workouts. This will not do for the very advanced, but I’m sure that’s old news. Overall I am pleased with this workout, well worth the $0.99 that I paid for it. I probably would not have been so enthusiastic had I paid $15 for the DVD, but if you can find a bargain, then pick it up! Overall grade B+.

Instructor Comments:
I have and enjoy many of Stephanie’s workouts. She gives clear guidance and has great form. She is friendly but not overly encouraging or chatty, which is probably a good balance for many. I like her enough that I am contemplating her Powerfit workouts, although she’s not SO amazing that I ran out to get them ASAP. She does have many faithful followers on VF however which I think is well deserved.

Emily B.