Total Body Lite (aka Cardio Sculpt Fusion)

Emily Welsh
Year Released: 2007

Categories: Athletic Stretch , Circuit Training (cardio and weights) , Total Body Workouts

This is a 45 minute recovery workout led by Emily with 4 background exercisers. Sue Mi shows beginner modifications. This w/o is unique IMO- it combines light low impact cardio, light 4 limb & strength work, and a bit of flexibility & ab work. The set is hardwood floors, white walls, and window set. You will need a couple sets of light handweights for this workout.

This workout is not a challenging workout at all. It is what it is- a light recovery w/o. And if used for just that I think it serves its purpose perfectly. It could also be used as an intro to the Firm for beginners or for recovering from an injury, etc.

I really like that a lot of the moves in this w/o are new, fresh and unique without complicated choreo. The little cardio routines were fun and easy to catch onto and she combined some interesting light dumbbell work as well. Before a nice stretch you go down to the floor for some ab and chest work. She does intersperse a bit of stretching throughout the workout as well. She includes some lunge, dip, and squat combos with light UB work throughout to keep in the Firm spirit.

I would rate this a beginner workout as far as intensity, though if you really wanted to you could easily add impact and use heavier weights. Is this a must have? Not really. Do I use it often? No. Do I keep it around for the times I need something lighter? Yes. It really is perfect for those days when you need to w/o but cant muster up enough energy for something harder. While I actually normally like Emily as a lead-she seems a bit fakey in this one and says some cornball things. Her cueing is good though