Shock Cardio Step Moves

Cathe Friedrich
Year Released: 2009

Categories: Step Aerobics

I felt sort of lukewarm about this workout the first time I used it, but I have warmed up to it more over time.

Music: The biggest problem with the workout is the soundtrack is fairly boring. There are a few decent songs in there, but mostly it is non-descript instrumental music which doesn't motivate me. Also, the volume is really, really soft. I have to remember to crank up the volume (and then remember to turn it down when I'm done, or I'll get a shock when I play a new dvd!)

Cues: The cueing is like Cathe's cueing of late - not that great. So it's a little irritating the first time through, but my muscle memory is pretty good and once I learn the routine, I'm OK. My first time with the routine, I strangely got confused by the simplest move - the basic step backwards, which is just taking a step back, off of the step. I think because she said it was "really tricky" I assumed it would be, and I was making it harder than it needed to be.

Intensity/Impact: This is pretty moderate for Cathe. I think you can do a majority of the moves with minimal impact. It is the type of workout that the intensity is going to depend on how much you put into it - there are plenty of places to up the intensity with jumping, but it is not necessary to the routine as is.

Choregoraphy: Pretty good - and this is why I like the workout. The 3 combos are 64 counts and interesting. It is a more dancy workout with triple-steps, cha-chas, etc.

I know many were disappointed with the length of this, but I am pretty happy to have a nice shorter step workout from Cathe for my time crunched days (which I have a lot of lately.) I do generally like my more moderate workouts to be longer, but being able to workout and get a nice stretch completed in under 45 minutes has come in handy this past year.

This is not my favorite Cathe step workout, but I do like it and won't be giving it up anytime soon.

Lisa C