Walk it Off with George! Fat Blasting Walk

Petra Kolber, George Foreman
Year Released: 2004

Categories: Walking Aerobics

George Foreman Walk It Off with Petra Kolber

This is a retro review. I got this in a trade probably six months ago, right before a Wii binge, so I am weaning off the Wii and reached for this.

What a fun, basic workout. I would recommend it for any beginner/restarter/looking for fun and no mental angst-er.

Very basic boxing gym setup. Obviously a little chilly on the set. Lots of backgrounders. George is encouraging and funny and not necessarily the best with the cue cards. I think he was one set ahead for the entire workout.
Petra is Petra. Lets George do his thing, and then picks up with where they really are in the workout. Having only done this once, I don’t know if this will get annoying or not.

Very basic. Walking/marching in place, then side steps and then the “intense interval,” meaning a faster walking in place.

I did write down all the steps, but really, I don’t think you need a play by play. You do side steps and mini lunges/tap steps and “Foreman shuffle” interspersed with the faster walking. There is no boosted walking ala Leslie. It is literally just lifting the legs faster.

There are knee ups and forward and back side steps.

And then at the end, she puts them all together and then you go to the cool down.

That’s it. I got about 3,000 steps. No mile call outs like Leslie does. Just the workout and you are done. Come back and see us sometime.

Instructor Comments:
George is warm and bumbling and enthusiastic and Petra is warm and enthusiastic.