Get Sexy! Quick Body Sculpt

Michael Carson
Year Released: 2010

Categories: Abs/Core , Balance/Medicine/Mini/Stability Ball, Lower Body Strength , Total Body Workouts, Upper Body Strength

This dvd has 4 segments accessible from the main screen: abs, buns, calves & arms. I was disappointed that there doesn't seem to be a "Play All" option, so I had to choose each segment individually. Arms and abs segments are filmed outdoors; calves and butt segments are in the same studio/location as the original Get Sexy.

From the way Michael talks about the resistance cords they're using, it SEEMS like maybe originally this was going to be sold as a set, with the equipment. He talks like the viewer is using the same cords he is and makes a distinction on when to use the "red" vs. the "green" cords. So, maybe this *was* going to originally be part of an infomercial set or something with the original Get Sexy.

Each segment runs from 5 to around 15 minutes, with the calf section being the shortest, at just over 5 minutes (if the counter on my dvd player can be trusted---though trust me, it's more than enough!)

Here are my brief impressions:
1. Abs: Lovely b/c it contained SO FEW crunches! Lots of lower-ab leg lifts, some using the 2# med ball (I had to use my 4-pounder and I found it a bit too challenging). A few crunches with the loop around your feet (lifting one foot), and there is a move similar to a Turkish Get Up (be careful with form....I nursed a pulled shoulder/neck/trap from this move for 3 weeks--courtesy of trying to do it with a 21 month old climbing all over me.)

2. Buns: Short squat segment. Nice small-loop work (side steps, push backs). A short but challenging quadruped segment. Brief stretch. I definitely felt the burn during this segment.

3. Arms: Alternates between using the 2 pound med ball (I used the 4 and I felt it a good match for the arms) and a resistance cord w/ handles. Lots of biceps, tris, front/lateral raises, shoulder work. Some good twisting/core/arm work that seemed familiar from the original Get Sexy workout. A hand weight could DEFINITELY be used for the band work (which I preferred).

4. Calves: This segment did duck and pigeon toe heel lifts. Some heel lifts in a calf-stretch position. Basketball-type drill jumps staying on toes, some split scissor-type jumps. Plie squats w/ heel lifts. Short, challenging and very fun!

Instructor Comments:
There is a bit of the "This will make you look sexy" talk, and since each chapter is a stand-alone, mini-workout, if you choose to do all 4 you'll hear it (yes) FOUR times. BUT I think he does do a good job at explaining some of the moves, what body part they are working and the "why" behind what he wants you to do.