Great Weighted Workout

Karen Voight
Year Released: 2002

Categories: Lower Body Strength , Total Body Workouts, Upper Body Strength

Instructor: Karen Voight
Type: Strength workout, total body toning
Level: Intermediate
Impact: Mixed
Duration: 83 minutes (7 minute warm up, 69 minute workout, 7 minute stretch)
Upper Body - 29 minutes, Upper/Lower - 25 minutes, Abs - 15 minutes
Equipment - Light hand weights, weighted ball, light ankle weights

This is a classic Karen Voight DVD from the 1990s. First, do not be afraid of the 90s cheese LOL! From the bright workout clothes (unitards for the men, reminiscent of Saturday Night Live, and slouch socks for the women) to the neon "Voight" sign outside the window to the bright textured walls that reminded me of the opening scene from Saved By The Bell, there is PLENTY of 90s in the DVD. Very, very dated looking. It also includes some great music from the 90s.

Now that you have been warned, this is a GREAT tough workout! It's feels mostly lower body, but the upper body gets a workout too. Most of the moves in the first 30 minutes are compound exercises, and your body moves the entire time. You move from one exercise to the next quickly, so use light weights. Don't worry, those 3 pound weights will give you a great workout.

Now to the lower body floor routine. This is perhaps the toughest lower body floor routine I've ever done! My butt and hamstrings were so sore, not to mention all the other parts. I can't describe the exercises because it would make this review very long, but trust me, it's tough. I have had to use more floorwork when doing lower body, because my knees act up. I can truly say that if you have wonky knees but still want to work your lower body, grab some ankle weights and this DVD!

Throughout the workout, Karen gives excellent form pointers. Karen cues each move very well. She is also quite the inspiration, as her body is sculpted perfection (I am secure enough to say this without feeling jealous LOL!)

PROS: the music, the late 80's cheese, and Karen's professional demeanor. The lower body section was worth its weight in gold alone.

CONS: the upper body segments may be a little difficult to navigate on the first try. You move very fast, and I had to do some of the exercises a beat slower than they did. There is just so much going on with the compound moves, you may want to isolate at first or view the video in it's entirety before moving on. Plus, the video's focus was lower body, even though there were some good moves for upper body.

Instructor Comments:
Karen cues very well and has a professional demeanor.