Iron Yoga

Anthony Carillo
Year Released: 2005

Categories: Yoga

NAME Anthony Carillo
DURATION 60 minutes
EQUIPMENT Light handweights or light weighted balls, sticky mat
TYPE Yoga with weights
MUSIC Just okay. I wish that one song would have been played throughout. Music was instrumental.
LEVEL Intermediate

This is yoga with weights. Depending on your level of fitness, you use 1-5 pound dumbbells or light weighted balls to execute a series of yoga poses. The poses are pretty basic and nothing that will put you in a pretzel. After all, you are trying to do the poses holding weights.

The workout consists of 55 minutes of yoga poses such as triangle, tree, warrior, mountain, etc. where you either hold the weight steady or do slow curls. At one point, you also do lateral raises, front raises, and shoulder presses. You do the movements REALLY slow, so you can feel the burn in some places. You also hold the poses for quite awhile.

Anthony Carillo leads the workout with two background exercisers. One demonstrates beginner modifications, one intermediate, and Anthony demonstrates advanced poses. The set is a little dark, and there is a rust colored gear looking piece of artwork in the background. Maybe symbolizing strength? Pretty cool.

The workout is broken up into sets. You do a series of poses, then the workout fades out for about two seconds and you go onto the next series of poses. There are constant reminders on the screen to "keep your legs active" or "engage your core" which I found very helpful.

Interspersed are some poses that are done to build heat, such as down dog, chaturanga, etc. that you do not hold the weights. Poses where you don't hold weights are few but just enough where you can shake your muscles out. There are also various balance poses in the workout. At the end, there is a 6 minute bonus savasana, which I found to be appropriate and relaxing.

This workout requires A LOT of concentration. If you are one of those people with a small attention span, this DVD is not for you. However, I found it to be a real challenge. Physically, it got me in the lower body the most. My butt and glutes were very sore the next day. But I also found the workout to be a mental challenge. And, of course, I felt very stretched out afterwards.

The music, although soft, was hypnotizing, as was Anthony Carillo. He gently offered encouragement and form pointers throughout. He wasn't exactly engaging. Rather, I would describe him as hypnotic, like his music. I think that's what helped hold my attention. If there was too much going on, I don't think I would have concentrated on the workout itself.

As for music, there was one song that I really wish they would have played throughout the entire workout, instead of all the generic ones.

PROS: Anthony was very detailed and precise in his cueing. This is more of a mental workout, and will be my go to workout when I am stressed and need to chill out.

CONS: The only one I can think of is the music. Other than that, this workout is one that you either really like or really don't. I can see why this would not be for everyone.

Instructor Comments:
Anthony was very detailed and precise in his cueing. Very hypnotizing voice. Groovy.