Great Weighted Workout

Karen Voight
Year Released: 2002

Categories: Lower Body Strength , Total Body Workouts, Upper Body Strength

This is an older Karen Voight workout that uses weights 100% of the time, except in the warm up and final stretch. It clocks in at a whopping 80+ minutes but there are three sections that could be used standalone: the warm up/standing leg/standing upper body; the floor leg series; and the floor ab work. I primarily use this workout for the warm up/standing leg/standing upper body series which is about 35 minutes long, although the floor work and ab work is meticulous and thorough. I have read that many others keep this video just for the floor work (it is famous right up there with Firm Volume 1).

This video is invaluable. Yes it is dated looking (if you canít stand the dated look donít even bother here, cause itís VERY dated), but the exercises are safe, effective, and very challenging. I use 3-4# weights for the arms and would not recommend any higher. This is definitely an endurance workout: high reps and low poundage. Karen works every area of the arms and upper back, and she does it evenly and thoroughly. And the workout is just fun! The music is recognizable (ďI Will SurviveĒ among other tunes) and Karen laughs and jokes with her background exercisers (two women and two men), and sometimes kids about how many reps there are, which I found annoying at first but after several uses I know when they are coming and itís no longer a concern. I sing along with the music but still get in a great upper body toning workout. Some of the moves incorporate lower body work, but does not really have a 4-limb effect; it is mostly to keep the legs warm for the floor work section.

For being such a dated workout, the production value is excellent and the music synchs very nicely to the exercises. The background exercisers, along with Karen, are all smiling and having a great time. The background is a dance studio setting with hardwood floors and some stained glass design in the back. Collage Video lists this as advanced and I agree with this rating, especially if you were to do the 80 minute workout all in one sitting Ė itís hard! But for a more doable workout (and with time constraints) breaking this workout up is easy and convenient. I have the VHS version so I cannot comment on the DVD version or the chaptering. You better believe when my VHS wears down that I will get it on DVD! Grade A+!

Instructor Comments:
Karen is an immaculate cuer, obviously enthusiastic about her workouts, she is highly competent and definitely has a gift for exercise videos. She is the QUEEN of form pointers! I have used hundreds of instructors but nobody cues like Karen Ė it is like she is in the room with you. She doesnít just remind you WHAT to do, she also reminds you what NOT to do, and she always gives pointers at exactly the right time. Sheís really thorough, but not chatty or over the top. She has an amazing physique, although Iíve read that itís thanks to her meticulous diet more than her workouts, but those are great too.

Emily B.