Yoga: Flow - Saraswati River Tradition

Zyrka Landwijt
Year Released: 2009

Categories: Yoga

I'm glad that several other people have given the details of this workout. I would just like to present my overall impression of this yoga video. I have tried many different yoga DVDs. The Saraswati River Tradition has become my favorite and most used yoga DVD. I like everything about it. I like the combination of scenery, the instructor's voice, the level of difficulty (beginner/intermediate, I'd say), the choice of yoga poses and the music. It all comes together to make an enjoyable experience every time I do this workout. This is not power yoga or yoga for athletic strength. To me, it is yoga for flexibility and for strength of mind as well as muscle.

I also like having the option of A or B tracks. Depending on my mood, I can work out a little harder (B track) or a little easier (A track). And within each track, I also have option to choose how long to workout. I enjoy this DVD and highly recommend this DVD - not only is it beautifully produced, all the options make it a great value.

Instructor Comments:
Zyrka has a beautiful voice. She seems to be a soft-spoken, intelligent young person. The amount of instruction she presents is not more or less than enough - it is just right. I appreciate that she leaves periods of silence within the instructions.