Turbo Jam: 20 Minute Jam

Chalene Johnson
Year Released: 2005

Categories: Boxing/Kickboxing/Martial Arts

This is one of the original Turbo Jam workouts produced by Beachbody with Chalene Johnson. There are five workouts on a 2-DVD set in a regular DVD plastic container. This workout clocks in at about 19:30 minutes and has a time counter at the bottom (like most or all Beachbody workouts) and in the time bar it introduces the next set of moves. I had skimmed over “Learn and Burn” but didn’t actually do the moves, but proceeded with 20 Minute Jam with the hopes of keeping up, and I did! I have gotten better with basic choreography, for instance Firm-style step aerobics and floor aerobics is more intuitive to me now. I have done some other kickboxing workouts including a little Tae Bo and 10 Minute Solution Knockout Body, but not a significant amount. I was very pleased I was able to keep up with Chalene, and it was just really fun!

Chalene leads several exercisers (around 10 people) and two of them provide beginner or low impact modifications (as there is some hopping involved). The set is wide and open and some of the exercisers in the back are on raised platforms so everybody is easily visible. The set felt professional and uncluttered to me. There was one “Turbo” section of about 1.5 minutes long in which you do some moves extra fast to (I assume) spike the heart rate. This section was signified by a darker section in the timer bar and “alarms” that go off (fun). I thought the moves (mostly punch variations but also some kicks mid-workout) repeated enough but were not repetitive feeling. I personally used 1# wrist weights to heighten the intensity of the workout, although nobody in the workout used this extra resistance. I did the high impact (primarily jump roping) and my heart rate really got up there in the 20 minutes! I did it after some arm work and waist work so I was somewhat preexhausted in those muscle groups which may have helped with the intensity for me.

The music is definitely FUN – I think that’s the main selling point of the Turbo Jams (and a great selling point!) I was a little apprehensive to try these because I heard they were really quick moving, and they are (well this is the first I have tried – I was very inspired with all the current Turbo Fire craze!) but like I said I was delighted to see I could keep up with her fine, again because the moves are repeated several times on each side. Even some of the trickier moves I was able to pick up in two or three reps, and I am not strong with choreography. Very well done! I avidly look forward to doing some of the other workouts in the series. High production quality and super fun music. Grade A!

Instructor Comments:
My only previous experiences with Chalene were from CLX (of which I did the entire rotation), and it was interesting to see her in this more laid back and fun setting. She’s a little younger and less serious, but she’s still an excellent cuer, motivating, and encouraging. I would highly recommend her as an instructor, for both strength-oriented workouts like CLX and aerobic-oriented workouts like Turbo Jam. She’s both encouraging and friendly but not too chatty or otherwise annoying (whooping, etc.)

Emily B.