Lift Higher

Tracie Long
Year Released: 2010

Categories: Lower Body Strength

Looking for great glutes? Look no further! This workout has 3 totally different techniques to key in on the lower body. Chapter 1 uses medium to heavy weights. Reverse lunges begin and you'll perform them slowly. Pulses are added to them as well. Squats follow. Tracie adds a tap out (almost making it a one legged squat) then adds a drag in with knee. Repeat other side. Hip flexor/hamstring stretch before going into a one legged dead lift. The tempo changes here really made me feel it in the glute/hamstring tie in area! Slide work is next and begins chapter 2. Side slide outs followed by circles begin the segment. Next you'll stay in a low squat and push the slide leg forward, then to the side, then to the rear all while remaining in the deep squat. Great inner/outer thigh work is next. You'll brake to side and then cross back to rear (like you are skating). Put rag away and perform rear hip lifts followed by side leg lifts. Hop to side and then rear follow. Repeater knees and then stretch. Tracie includes several balance moves here as well. Now perform all choreography to other side. Reverse plank lifting one leg then the other (tough) then walk legs into table top position and perform a tuck. Come in for a wonderful butterfly stretch for the groin/inner thighs. Next is a quick hamstring stretch and then grab your mat for the next chapter. In chapter 3 you'll also need the rags again and optional ankle weights (if you dare). The first move, while lying on your side, you'll position the top leg in an L position and then lift and lower it with hips stacked. Then with that same leg you'll perform side kicks. Table position on all 4's, again with working leg to side in L from the body, you'll do little circles front and back. Hydrants with table lifts follow. Pigeon stretch. Next you'll grab your rags and position yourself into bridge position. Put your heels on rags, then you'll scissor your heels forward and back like you are running. This is done all while keeping the hips up off floor-TOUGH! Frogs are next. You'll lay on your stomach, put your legs in a diamond position with feet together and lift and lower the legs. Quick stretch before performing entire sequence to the other side. Butterfly stretch, seated forward stretch and side stretch finish up the workout.

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