The Firm: Volume 6: Forever Firm

Jayne Poteet
Year Released: 1992

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights)

This is the final workout in the Firm Volume classics (LOVE the classics) and as other reviewers have mentioned, this is the “lightest” or easiest of the six. However this is still a really good workout and you will definitely feel it if you heavy up on the poundage (as I do) which is easier to do in this workout because it is slower moving, and you use an 8” step instead of a 6” step (I use the blue section of the Fanny Lifter). This is a classic Aerobic Weight Training (AWT) workout with aerobic (primarily step aerobic) and strength intervals, although in this workout she seems to do most of the aerobic first and then a long strength segment, and floor work at the end. The workout only clocks in at 53 minutes which is fairly short for a classic firm (usually 60-65 minutes). This is filmed in the mansion set with a large class full of both men and women, and the look is “dated” however I do not think that distracts from the workout. The music is, as another reviewer aptly described, a “best of” the Volume 1-5 workouts, and I thought it was enjoyable while I worked out to recollect which video and what exercise the music was originally from (oh yea, Volume 1, lunge set!). At any rate the music is very good and motivational.

One of the things I really enjoyed about this workout is that there are NO LUNGES, not in the cardio or in the strength set. This is pretty unusual for a Firm workout and a great change of pace for me. Your legs WILL get worked from a long leg press and calf raise segment, a very long and intense squat and hover squat (3 and 6 count hovers) segment, and all of the step aerobics using the 8” step, including faster paced cardio leg press. There was one aerobic interval on the floor which included a lengthy inner and outer thigh leg raise segment. The arms are also thoroughly worked with upright rows, military press, and clean and press using the barbell, along with a long set of triceps kick backs and double bent rows. The floor work includes two sets (16 reps each) of chest flies, ab work using the tall box, and a long bridge segment using heavy poundage on the hips. The warm up was somewhat hard to follow but included inner and outer thigh work, the beginning stretch included a chair and was on the longer side, and the final stretch was long and thorough (appropriate for the end of the workout).

A classic Anna Benson video with high production values, great music, and traditional exercises very common with the Firm. If you like Firm workouts (particularly the classics and don’t mind the outdated look) you will love this workout. You can make it easier or harder depending on poundage, I used heavier poundage (30# barbell for the strength segments) and thought it was a high intermediate workout. Not as difficult as the other classic Firm workouts but definitely challenging in its own right. Overall grade A-!

Instructor Comments:
Jayne Poteet is a good instructor, very encouraging with form pointers. I didn’t think her cuing was as easy to follow as other Firm instructors, but it wasn’t so poor that I got frustrated and couldn’t follow along. I certainly liked her well enough that I wish she had done more videos! I read that she had turned her life around and lost a lot of weight, not sure if that’s true or not but I do admire her, and like most earlier Firm instructors, she looks healthy and has very nicely built with muscle tone (i.e., not too skinny).

Emily B.