Dynamic Strength & Power

Cindy Thorp
Year Released: 2003

Categories: Balance/Medicine/Mini/Stability Ball, Circuit Training (cardio and weights)

This workout is really good. It is a shame that it couldn't have better production values, however. Also, I'm sure it is really hard to find now, so if someone wants to purchase it, I think it would have to be used somewhere.

This was one of Tracie Long's first productions and it is the least polished. However, it is also tougher than her newer work, so I am happy to own it. Like the other workouts she has produced, it is a functional fitness circuit workout, and sometimes hard to fit into rotations. But when doing a rotation focused on functional fitness, it is a great addition.

There is a good amount of impact in this workout, but it is controlled and broken up over time, so it feels very doable to me. I really enjoy this one as it is different than anything else I own.

Instructor Comments:
Cindy is a good instructor and very fit. I enjoy working out with her.

Lisa C