Banish Fat, Boost Metabolism

Jillian Michaels
Year Released: 2008

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights)

This is a 55 min cardio circuit workout led by Jillian with two background exercisers. No-one reawlly shows beginner or any modifications but Jillian mentions things for some moves that you can do to take it down a notch. You wont need any props for this workout and it does include some core work.

She does everything in 'circuit' style-there are 7 circuits she does each circuit twice. The 5 min warmup includes a bit of cardio and some nice dynamic stretching that I enjoyed. I found this w/o a lot less challenging (still tough though) than I had the other times Ive done it-not sure what to make of that. But progress is good!

There are 3 circuits that are pretty easy-but easy to modify up if you choose to. For the kickboxing circuits you can easily add lower body movements to the punches, and punches to the kicking moves. The rest of the circuits are tough! She has some 180 jumps, squat thrusts, scissor jumps, plyo lunges, moguls, and other tough plyometric type moves that will seriously get you sweating!

There is one core circuit (on the floor) which I also really liked. She does some walking planks, plank twists, supermans, mountina climbers, and pikes.

All in all I really enjoy this w/o-Jillian is Jillian and if you dont like her personality you probably wont enjoy this w/o. She is fine w/ me, her "tough guy" attitude doesnt really bother me. She produces some good w/o's and thats good enough for me in her case. I would rate this a high intermediate overall. Like I said there are some pretty low key circuits, but there are also a lot of advanced moves in it as well.