The Firm: Complete Body Sculpting (BSS3)

Christa Riley
Year Released: 2004

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights)

This is a 50 min mostly strength workout led by Christa with 4 background exercisers. Libby provides the beginner modifications. This is from the BSS3 series-they exercise on their own round pedestals and theres a banner in the background w/ the Firm logo and it kind of changes colors. You will need an incline box (death box, TransFirmer, or slanted risers) and various dumbbells for this workout.

Christa hits all the muscle groups nicely in this workout. You will see a lot of the typical Firm fare here: leg press, dips, squats, tricep dips, bicep curls, lat raises, and the likes thereof. The bulk of the workout is done standing but you do a nice set of exercises lying at the end: weighted bridge work, pec fly, bench press, tricep work, and ab work. There is also a set of pushups in there somewhere.

There are a few ncie cardio breaks in here as well. The moves are straightforward and athletic-nothing dancy or hard to follow. Its typical Firm cardio on the floor, on the box, and on the incline-knee ups, ham curls, step touch, V steps, etc.

I really like this dvd-mostly because you can really heavy up (well for Firm standards). I used my 2 heaviest sets of dumbbells for the entire workout. Christa is a good lead and cues well. The only things I didnt care for were: Christa & Pam were entirely too thin-almost sickly looking and unhealthy. And while the workout is good-its not "memorable" a pretty generic Firm, I guess. But again, I do enjoy it and use it fairly often. I would rate this a solid intermediate w/o