The Firm: Strength (aka: Strong Body)

Pam Meriwether
Year Released: 1995

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights)

Pam Cauthen-Meriwether, 1995

This is a 59 minute mostly strength workout led by Pam in the library set with a large group of background exercisers. You will need a variety of dumbbells, an optional barbell, a tall box, and a pair of ankle weights for this workout.

I like this workout and it thourghouly works all your muscle groups. You will do a few sets of leg press, dips, lunges, sqauts, pliets, plenty of upper body work including back, shoulder, tricep, and bicep work with various different exercises for each body part. After about 40 minutes of standing work you go down to the floor for some lying inner thigh and ab work. My abs were definately feeling it by the end!

Pam intersperses some cardio sets into the strength work to get/ keep your heartrate up. It is all basic athletic cardio and is easy to follow. There are also a few light 4-limb sections.

Pams cueing is good and I was never lost or wondering which leg now??? I like her as a lead. I would rate this workout a low advanced strength workout if you really heavy up. She does go slow enough to allow for pretty heavy poundage (as far as Firm standards go). There are enough exercises to fatigue your muscles IMO.