Maya Yoga Vinyasa Fusion-Back Bending Flow Series

Nicki Doane
Year Released: 2009

Categories: Yoga

Filmed on the beautiful island of Maui, the workout provides a visually stimulating setting. (all 3 workouts on each dvd were filmed individually with different settings of the island so you won't get bored) Nicki instructs the workouts alone and performs it using voiceover. During the practice there is no music. I felt this allowed me to really listen to Nicki's instruction and to go deeper in some of the moves. The workouts are for all practioners. Each of the three sequences seemed to get progressively harder. Nicki would add a few additional poses to the initial sequence, sometimes including balancing poses or more advanced poses such as full wheel. As in all of Nicki's Maya Yoga series, beginners may want to start with the 20 minute workout, practice it and once they feel comfortable move onto the 30 minute sequence. Once that has been mastered, the 45 minute routine provides a much more challenging experience.

In the backbending 20 minute session you'll begin in childs pose. Nicki guides you through proper breathing. From childs pose, you'll gently move into downward facing dog. Next you'll move into standing and work through a few sun salutations. This really warms the body and continues to prepare it for the backbending poses. Lunges open the hip area. Nicki varies each lunge, sometimes bringing the knee to the outside of the hand for example. Each variation works different areas deeper, such as the groin or the outer hip. Release back into down dog and come back for 2nd sun salutation. Once completed, you'll begin the first backbending pose called the locust. You'll then come out of it, perform a quick vinyasa flow and then move into camel pose. Nicki includes some abdominal/core work. You'll begin on your back, knees lifted to table position, and you'll lift one leg then the other. The next move is a twist. You'll continue with the knees up and twist them to one side of the body, hold and then move to the other side. Finish the 20 minute sequence with corpse. Again, the 30 minute and 45 minute sequences are more advanced and Nicki adds additional poses that may be more difficult for beginners.

Instructor Comments:
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