Walking Fit Strength & Flexibility Workouts

Madeleine Lewis
Year Released: 2003

Categories: Athletic Stretch , Total Body Workouts

This VHS tape came in a Gaiam kit with a pair of 3 lb. dumbbells, a strap and a CD. There are two workouts on the tape, a short strength routine and a stretching routine. The stretching section is done in voiceover, which I don't like and therefore do not use. Generally speaking, I do not enjoy strength workouts, although I know need to do them. The longer they are, the more I dread them. At about 25 minutes, this one goes by quickly and is over before I know it. The instructor is by herself on a platform on a lovely beach. I really like outdoor settings for workouts. I also tend to gravitate to workouts where there are less than 3 participants, so I can concentrate on what one individual is doing, rather than being distracted by a bunch of people flailing about in my peripheral vision. The workout contained squats, lunges, bicep curls, a rotator cuff exercise, some abdominal work, push-ups and planks. Madeleine goes slowly enough that you can use heavier weights than the 3 lbs. she is using. I really like her personality. She is pleasant, friendly and calm. High intermediate and advanced exercisers won't find this workout challenging enough, but for beginners and low intermediates, I think it is a viable option.

Instructor Comments:
Pleasant, friendly, calm.