A Team Boot Camp

Amy Bento
Year Released: 2006

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights)

This is a 50/50 cardio strength workout led by Amy Bento. She is working out in a nice pale yellow room with 3 background exercisers. The workout is divided up into six "drills" each drill has 2 minutes of TOUGH cardio followed by a short recovery period, and then 2 one minute strenght moves. For this workout you will need various dumbbells, a step bench, a stability ball, resistance tubing (could easily sub dumbbells), and they use a barbell (I just used heavy dumbbells).

The cardio is TOUGH and its a nonstop two minutes. She does flying cutsey lunges -touching the floor w/ your hand, a "river dance" move (jumping up and criscrossing your legs), jumping onto and off of the step, and other explosive anaerobic cardio moves. The good news is she gives you a recovery phase after the 2 minutes of cardio-side steps usually.

The cardio moves were UNIQUE, fun, and did I mention tough. There is nothing dancy or hard to follow. They are straight forward athletic (bootcamp-esque) cardio moves.

The strength work was also unique and effective! She thoroughly hits the legs & buns with a squat while kindof bouncing on the ball, a 1 legged deadlift, a unique lunge move while moving the dumbbell around your knee, etc., She does a side plank with your feet on the step, and nice standing ab work in addition to some upper work. I enjoyed the strength moves as well. She does incorporate stretching throughout the dvd after each strength segment.

This workout is clearly advanced in cardio and stregth work but like I said there is recovery & stretching time so I didnt feel like I was going to die or anything. LOVE this workout!!!! I would say this a must have for an Amy fan or a bootcamp fan. AWESOME and unique. Tough but still fun! Her cueing is spot on, I was never left wondering what to do and she has poundage rec's throughout. (happy to say I matched her poundage!)