10 Minute Solution: Hot Body Bootcamp

Amy Bento
Year Released: 2008

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance , Total Body Workouts

This is a bootcamp type workout from 10 Minute Solutions led by Amy Bento. There are no background exercisers and the set is a nice open room. As with all 10 Minute Solution workouts the dvds are fully customizable so you can mix and match to create a 10 - 50+ minute workout. There are 5 ten minute segments and each segment has a very brief warmup and cooldown.

The first segment is "hotbody cardio" and it packs a punch! The cardio is new and fresh and Amy keeps it interesting; the time flys by! Some of the exercises include: a squat thrust variation, jump rope, hopping over "barb wire," shufle, squat jump, and other heartpumping moves. No equipment required.

Ab Assault: an effective way to spend 10 minutes on your abs! The 1st half is standing ab work and includes circling your dumbbell while standing on 1 leg, a side bend holding "sand bags" (actually your dumbells), a dumbbell side punch move, etc. Then you move to the floor and do a walking plank variation, and some V sits, etc. You need a lighter set of dumbbells (I used my 8# dumbbells).

Rock Bottom Sculpt: You do a figure 8, passing the dumbbell between he legs with a side lunge move, some mountain climbers with a dumbbell lift, bridge, donkey kicks, and a roll over-bun squeeze move. You will need a set of heavier dumbbells.

Calorie Blasting Drills: could definitely be used as an upper body workout. There are a lot of upper body dumbbell exercises, including bi's, tri's, shoulder presses, etc. There is only 1 lower body squat that is combined with an upright row. This segment includes a fair amount of cardio and I would consider it an aerobic weight segment. Dumbbells required.

Better Body Stretch: is a really good thorough 10 minute stretch that uses a towel. I used a stretchy band and it worked very well. The towel really does add to the stretch and makes it more effective. I usually skip the stretches on dvds (and just do my own stretch routine) but this one is really worth doing.

I really really like this workout! I was not impressed with the earlier 10 Minute Solution workouts but the more recent ones are much more challenging, the warmups & cooldowns are shorter, and the instructors are getting better and better. Amy is a great lead-very motivating and has a great personality-not overly cheerful but happy and pleasant. There are "bootcamp" moves and my heartrate really gets up in the cardio & drills segment, and also the lower body segment. The exercises are unique, fun, and effective. I would rate this a high intermediate workout.