Prevention: The Sugar Solution Workout

Chris Freytag
Year Released: 2005

Categories: Total Body Workouts, Walking Aerobics

This is a compeltion dvd that Prevention put out. It has a five minute warmup, 5 minute cooldown, and a 20 minute walking workout from Walk Yourself Thin and four 5 minute toning segments from Personal Trainer and a 3 minute yoga segment. The dvd is not programable, you can select an individual segment or "select all."

I like this dvd because of its versatility. You can choose a 20 minute walk, a 30 min walk including warmup and cooldown, or you can pick & choose/mix and match strength segments with or without cardio and warmup or cooldown. Sometimes I only have 5 minutes to add on to other workouts and this dvd fits that bill. Its also nice because each body part is seperate so you can pick one body part for a 5 minute segment.

The workout is low intermediate in terms of intensity. Chris is a nice lead, very motivating and genuine. She has some nice definition going on in her arms! I like her as a lead though I can see where some would find her a bit too upbeat. Good cueing and form tips.

The toning segments are: upper body & chest, abs & back, lower body, and total body IIRC. Each moves along at a nice pace. Pretty standard fare but Chris does add some fun combo moves and keeps it interesting.