Hit the Spot: 10 5-Minute Target Toners

Denise Austin
Year Released: 2007

Categories: Total Body Workouts

This dvd has 10 different five minute workouts PLUS a 5 minute warmup and a 5 minute cooldown/ stretch. You can mix and match segments to create your own workout and there are a few preset workouts on the dvd as well (Upper body, lower body, and core). For this workout you will need a variety of dumbbells (she uses only one set, which makes no sense), and she also uses a chair in the thigh segment. I use my stability ball to sit on and my Firm Sculpting Stick for the balance work or just use dumbbells and balance w/out the stick.

I like the fact that each body part has its own segment and each segment gets right down to business and there is no wasted time since the warmup and cooldown segments are seperate. The dvd works nicely to add on a little more work for a specific body part to another workout or you can do all the segments and get in a full body 60 min workout. Though I dont think your muscles would be fatigued even after 60 minutes. Its a great unique format and I use it for addons a lot.

The segments include:
-arms (triceps & biceps)
-inner thighs

She moves kind of quickly so its hard to go as heavy as I would like but I can still get in some good reps w/ a pretty heavy poundage. This is an intermediate workout and IMO you cant get an advanced workout out of it no matter what you do-there just isnt enough time for each body part to really fatigue the muslces. Denise's cueing isnt the best in this as she changes the pace and forgets to tell you sometimes but its not hard to pick up.