The Firm: Cardio Split 1

Nancy Tucker, Allie Del Rio, Jen Carman, Carissa Foster, Dale Brabham
Year Released: 1999

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights)

This is a Firm Parts video, approximatley 50 min long. It seperates lower body + cardio and upper body + cardio into 2 distinct sections so you can easliy seperate this into 2 workouts and use it every day if you so desiered. The upper body portion includes ab work and both have plenty of cardio in them! I love love love this workout but probably would have preferred a few more minutes of strength work and few fewer minutes of cardio just to really work those muscles. I would say this workout is 50%/ 50% cardio/ strenth. You will need dumbbells, short box, tall box, a weighted ball, ankle weights, and an optional barbell for this workout.

After a high energy warmup you move right into your 24 minute lower body workout. You do leg press, squats, and some standing hip extensions with ankle weights, box aerobics, floor aerobics and then move onto a quick stretch.

The 27 min upper body workout starts with Jens (fun) 4-limb cardio section from Super Cardio then moves into 2 sections of ab work (both led by Jen). Then you will do upright row, bent row, bicep curls, posterior flys (2 sets over the fanny lifter,not my fav move because the box isnt very comfortable to lean over like that), french press, tricep dips, pushups, good mornings (like deadlifts- which seem to work the thutt area? so Im not sure why they are in this section) 4 limb aerobics, ball aerobics, etc. You finish with a final stretch.

This workout is probably a high intermediate workout. You can easily heavy up and add plyos to make it even tougher. The pace is slow enough you can use heavy dumbbells and/or a barbell for alot of the moves. I really like this workout and should use it more often. No dread factor and lots of fun segements in it! I also like that the lower body is 1st-then its done and out of the way and my heart rate is up for the upper body portion