Prevention's 3-2-1 Circuit Workout

Chris Freytag
Year Released: 2005

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights)

This is a 49 minute cardio, strength, and ab circuit workout (10 min is warmup + cooldown). The format is: 3 minutes of cardio followed by 2 minutes of strength, and then 1 minute of ab work. There are 6 six minute intervals. The set is bright and open and she has a beginner modifier and an advanced modifier working out with her. Each interval has a "theme"

Circuit 1: hi lo aerobics, legs, and abs

Circuit 2: kickboxing, chest and abs

Circuit 3: sports drills cardio, butt and abs

Circuit 4: dancy cardio, back, and abs

Circuit 5: bootcampish cardio, arms, and abs

Circuit 6: power yoga, shoulders, and abs

I really enjoy this workout and like Chris as a lead. I like the format and breaking the cardio, strength, and ab work into short segments really makes the time go by quickly. While I thourhouly enjoy this workout I dont do it as often as I would like because its one of those workouts thats hard to fit into a rotation. It has too much strength work for a cardio day, but not enough to really work your muscles. But its fairly long so hard to add on enough strength work to get a real strength workout.

I would rate this an intermediate workout that can easily be modified up or down to fit your needs.

Instructor Comments:
Chris is a good lead, not overly perky but fun.