Cycle Strong

Mindy Mylrea
Year Released: 2008

Categories: Abs/Core , Indoor Cycling , Lower Body Strength , Upper Body Strength

This is a fun cycling workout by Mindy Mylrea, with a minimum of strength work thrown in to allow cyclists to cross-train. If you are looking for a hard core strength workout, this is not it, but it hits the major muscle groups. The workout clocks in at just over an hour (1:04, I think). I don't know the exact times, but the chapters are arranged like this:
-Cycling 1 (hills)
-Lower body (about 6 minutes)
-Cycling 2 (intervals with decreasing rest time)
-Upper body (about 6 minutes)
-Cycling 3 (30sec/30sec intervals)
-Abs (about 4 minutes)

There are also several pre-mixes including all cycling, all strength, etc. Since the strength work is separated into short chapters, I could imagine doing the strength chapters twice (by pushing chap back at the end of the chapter) to get an extra set of each exercise and work my muscles more completely.

The cycling is a total sweat-fest. The hill work includes a lot of standing work, and the intervals keep you motivated to work hard. She cues you by using a 4 zone system. Zone 1 is recovery; zone 2 is aerobic; zone 3 is high aerobic; and zone 4 is anaerobic. In general, a fun way to enjoy indoor cycling, and include some strength training in your day.

Overall grade: A

Instructor Comments:
Mindy wears a cute cycling skirt in this workout. She is much calmer than I normally expect Mindy to be. She's encouraging and fun.

Catherine O'Neill