The Firm: Complete Aerobics & Weight Training (BSS2)

Emily Welsh
Year Released: 2003

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights)

This workout was released with the 2nd Body Sculpting System (BSS2) put out by the Firm. Emily leads with 4 background exercisers-Suzanne shows the beginner modificaitons. This workout is close to 50%/50% strength & cardio, probably a bit more strength training though. You can definately burn some calories in the cardio portions and a lot of the strength portions as well. You will need the Fanny Lifter, dumbbells, and the Sculpting Stick (optional IMO) for this workout.

Emily includes some heavy four limb, floor aerobics, step aerobics, and strength moves: leg press, lat rows, bicep curls, squats, pliets w/ bicep curls, dips & lunge variations, lying chest work (pec fly, bench press), a nice ab section, pushups, tricep pushups, overhead tricep extensions, tricep kickbacks, front raise. I think the strength work covers all your muscles pretty well. I would say its a bit light on shoulder work.

There are plenty of combo moves that can really get your heart rate up. She combines moves that are appropriate with each other and not awkward. The poundage works well for both moves in a set so you dont have to sacrifice one or the other.

They use the sculpting stick just to use it because they sold it with the set. Beginners could definately benefit by using it though. Its ilght enough for a beginner to feel. They use it for balance/ stability too, which is fine for beginners. She uses the stick in 1 hand and 1 dumbbell in the other for example. I just use 2 dumbbells to get a better burn. I actually didnt even use the stick this morning-just dumbbells

I like this wrokout a lot! Emily is a great lead and cues very well. She doesnt throw in any complicated or confusing choreo like she does in some of her later stuff. She also has some good form tips & pointers in this one. I would rate this an intermediate workout because of the overuse of the stick and resultant decrease in weights. Easy to modify up or down. This is a great workout that I always enjoy and feel the next day.